Online Milk Store

The challenge

The Client wanted to develop a platform for the customer where in the users can subscribe for various Milk Products such as Milk, Ghee, Buttermilk, etc. Our main goal to develop this application to encourage a dairy store. Gir Pride is a application to maintain day to day transactions in a Dairy store. This Application help to register all the deliverypartners, Buyer details, purchase, Sales details etc.

6 months of work

From inception to execution - Whitelion Infosystems discovered the brand that simply fits and leaves an impression in the minds of Gir Pride's audience.Smart & Systematic System Design Concepts and Tools to synchronize mobile application & website users with Gir Pride Staff and Delivery Partners in a uniform platform.

As a solution , we developed Mobile Applications (iOS + Android) & Website for the client along with the web-back-end portal for admin.

For Performace & Scalability, we develops an end to end process that includes verification & validation testing on synchronizing the mobile application with a backend system, server capacity with multiple users for performance.

Subscription Based Order System

Automatically generate orders and schedule them in your fulfilliment platform. A subscription-based pricing model is a payment structure that allows a customer or organization to purchase or subscribe to a vendor's IT services for a specific period of time for a set price. Subscribers typically commit to the services on a monthly or annual basis. 

Purchase Packages

Packages are handy to get discount on myriad products as per package purchase. a price that includes everything so that each product or service is not charged for separately: They may be willing to give you a package price if you buy lots of equipment and have it installed by them.

Vacation Mode

When vacation mode is enabled we are not send any order. After enable we cancel your subscribe package orders that may come in. During this vacation mode, we will not accept any orders that come in. after disable vacation mode you can continue your subscription package product receive.


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