Smart Home App

The challenge

Access your all smarthome appliances like Light, Fan, AC, TV using Whitelion Mobile application. The user needs to interact with or automate the appliances in his home to perform arbitrary tasks. Examples of possible tasks include saving energy by turning out lights; saving energy by adjusting HVAC; controlling appliances when away from home; receiving a notification from an appliance is on/off; combining a television, receiver, lights, DVD player, and other peripheral home entertainment devices into a single logical device. These requirements shall allow the user to perform such tasks. At this point, appliances and devices may be interchanged.

8 months of work

The whole project involves Mobile App Development, Admin Panel and Back End Development. The Mobile Application is integrated with various Hardware Master, Blaster, and Node to access and control the Home Appliances. The whole system has been integrated with Amazon Alexa & Google Home to control the appliance with voice commands.

Appliances Control

Use the mobile application to control various home appliances such as Lights, Fan, AC, TV, etc. Save valuable energy by automating your home's lighting and appliance controls. Home Controls carries the top manufacturers of smart light controls and home appliance control systems. Connect your Smart switches with the Whitelion Hardware and control the appliances from anywhere in the world.

Scene Control

Set and Schedule scene as per the time and occasions. Combine appliances such as Lights, Fan, AC and TV as per your mood and set scene for morning, evening or movie nights. Scene controls or scene settings allow you to illuminate an area based on the lighting needs and activities you do there. Lighting scenes are not one-sized-fits-all the way that standard lights are used.

Alexa & Google Home Integration

Control your home appliances using voice commands through Alexa & Google Home. Alexa and Google Assistant let you combine your devices into rooms, so you can say things like "turn on the living room lights," and both support Routines, which let you combine multiple actions into one command. Both the Echo and the Google Home link up to TVs using their associated streaming sticks.

Smart homes have been made affordable


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