Trip Booking Service

The challenge

The client wanted to develop a Multi-vendor Trip Booking Platform wherein multiple vendors can register their Trip Services. The Platform gives access to the customer for finding & booking a Trip. The whole project requirement was to develop Android/iOS Mobile Applications for the Customers, Web Panel for the Vendors and an Admin Panel.We have to develope Trip management system to provide a search platform where a tourist can find their tour places according to their choices.

4 Months of work

Planning and assigment of reading work to individuals. Reading up material for new technologies to be used . Deciding what technologies to use and distribution of work among group members.

Book Trips & Stay Updated

Choose a trip package from a range of Domestic & International packages.Select the seats of your comforts and convenience and book it along with your amigos and family to be together in few mins.

Through Notifications keep yourself updated with any change or cancellation of Trip and even get reminders before an hour so that you may not miss your Trip.

Best Trips Packages

Explore trips by theme - Hills stations, Beach, Adventure, Weekend trips, Luxury, Wildlife and more

Advanced Filters

The ‘advanced filters’ feature offers users a seamless experience to them while using the trip provioder app. While searching the travel related services, then he/she must be done with some advance searches in terms of budget, number of persons on the basis of star ratings, amenities, and budget. So, one thing is cleared that such feature like advanced filters must be quick and easy to use where users can easily get what they are looking for.

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